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Seabed, endangered species, preservation, information, consequences, ecosystem, alerts, discovery



Your idea, your initiative, your message, your commitment

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Evolution of manners, equity, respect, gender balance, coherence, rights, tolerance



Pollution, sensitization, ecology, deforestation, responsibilisation, resource depletion, drinking water, awarness, wildlife



Culture, openness, sharing, communication, networks, coalition, collaborative economy



Support, languages, knowledge, transfert, methods, pedagogy, fun learning, serious game



Fitness, rehabilitation, accessibility, illness, disability, hyperactivity, old age, self-help, research, prevention, cure



Overconsumption, wastage,labelling, balance diet and healthy eating, direct selling

The team

MetaStrat is a collective of freelancers concerned about economic, ecological and societal issues.

We help the actors of change in their digital proposals. From the conception of the idea to its diffusion, we develop software and communication supports to give scope to projects that matter.

Thanks to our experience and our multidisciplinarity, we put our energy into the realization and development of your projects.

Environment, equality, education and cultural differences awareness, for instance, are as many worthwhile causes to support and solutions are to deploy. Let's make a difference together!

Our skills

Pre-project and launch

Web development

Mobile application development

Communication & Marketing

Content creation

Pre-project and launch

We support you in your projects.

We help you define your needs from the business plan, with your foundin search and strategy, for communication strategy, story boarding, press relations and communication on all media.

From the short and punctual mission to the launch of innovative and committed start-ups.

Web development

We develop and host your website.

From the showcase site adapted to all screens (responsive) to the backend with API to connect all your services and using the various web technologies
(Wordpress, Symfony, Laravel, Angular, Firebase...).

Mobile application development

App Development

We develop apps and mobile games in iOS (iPhone, iPad, iWatch) and Android (phone,tablet and wearable OS) from basic design to deployment on international stores. We thrive both in native languages (Objective-C/Swift or Java/Kotlin) and cross-platform frameworks.

Communication & Marketing

We help you promote your project

Metastrat freelancers will help you to define your persona and your brand image. We will establish together a communication strategy by identifying the acquisition channels according to your objectives. Finally we will assist you in your press campaigns or acquisition via our advertising agency labonnepub or on social networks.

Content creation

We produce the content adapted to your needs.

Logo, visual identity, illustration, site and application design, text optimized for SEO, as well as your advertising displays and video presentation

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